Buzz Creation in your BTT thread

150 messages per week in your BTT thread about your project

Here you can get a raise in your Bitcointalk thread bring it on TOP and get much more publicity.

Content is a basis. First of all we determine the needs of the target audience, pinpoint the position of the project on the market, compose a full content strategy and start the advertising campaign. What differs us from others is that we provide Meaningful comments.
Our advantages are:
1. Unique personal schedule providing from 10 to 50 comments each day.
2. Stable position of your thread as the most popular one.
3. We prepare project-related scripts with narrow sense only. There won't be "Good project!" fake comments at all.
4. Professional team of community managers and editors.
5. 300 Top-rank accounts.

1 week of support - $300
2 weeks of support - $540
3 weeks of support - $765
4 weeks of support - $960

*Based on approximately 1 page of comments per day
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