Buzz in Crypto Telegram groups

Our professional community managers with 500+ real accounts will create buzz about your project in 3500+ Crypto Telegram groups

Over 500 real accounts managed by our team of professionals are ready to help you! We have our own database of over 3500 Crypto/ICO related groups with real investors and enthusiasts. We share all the info about your project like links to your website and whitepaper, create discussions about the highlights of your project to engage users into investing.
Our advantages are:
1. 500+ different accounts.
2. Project-related scripts.
3. Different languages.
4. Daily campaign reports.
5. Base of 3500+ real Crypto/ICO groups.

Communication in 800 Crypto groups – $900
Communication in 1600 Crypto groups – $1500
Communication in 3200 Crypto groups – $2500
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