Buzz Creation in your Telegram group

Our professional community managers will create discussion about your project
(1500 messages per week).

Over 500 real and active accounts are ready to talk about your project in your group and get other users involved into a conversation, increasing interest among potential investors and.
1. More than 500 accounts involved in discussions.
2. 750 project-related comments per week.
3. The collected and thought-out database of questions, dialogues, project-related scripts created by editors.
4. Guaranteed first place in the top of all groups and channels among all of your subscribers'.
5. Option for non-English communication.
6. Daily campaign reports.

3000 Telegram comments (1 month pump covered) - 100 comments/daily = $1200
6000 Telegram comments (2 month pump covered) - 100 comments/daily= $1900

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