Community management service

A lot of projects are having trouble maintaining their Telegram. Admins are buried under a pile of questions and spam from users. Our community managers will build and maintain your community.

After carefully studying the whitepaper, website and all the info available about the project, our team is ready to answer all the hard-hitting questions, defend the group from spam, delete inappropriate messages and provide with the latest news and 2 articles weekly.

We prioritize quality and that's why people choose us to build a loyal and strong community. We will keep you notified and send digest daily.
Our advantages are:
1. Guaranteed replies from our community managers within 3 minutes after the comment was posted.
2. 3 community managers work on the project.
3. A unique service of developing a Telegram Info Bot that tells about the project in the messenger itself.
4. Creation of active discussions of acute latest news with the audience.
5. Making your group very active and brought up to the top of your members' telegram group lists.
6. Strict anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-fake admin policy.
7. Creation of 2 articles and 3 news pieces per week.

Prices for Telegram Community Management:

12/7 prices:

4 weeks = $1500

24/7 prices:

4 weeks = $2500

* Bitcointalk, Reddit, Facebook, Linkedin, Kakaotalk, Wechat on request.
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