Media placement service

Placement on 300+ Crypto/Business Medias including Forbes, Reuters, Inc.

We can reach your audience through original publications on Crypto news portals, business and fintech-related media outlets. Including top media such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo. Finance, Inc., Investing and etc.
4Our advantages are:
1. Texts written by native-speaking editors.
2. Publishing within 1-2 weeks.
3. Trusted websites without fake traffic.
4. SEO optimization.
5. 400+ mln monthly traffic.
6. Coverage of EU, Asian, USA, Australian, South American regions.


Starter (20 websites, 5 regions, 45+ mln traffic) - $5500
Advanced (40 websites, 5 regions, 100+ mln traffic) - $14000
Premium (70 websites, 8 regions, 345+ mln traffic) - $26000

*Custom packages based on your budget on request
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