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About Our Classes
✅ Crypto Funds Database, 577 funds = 290$

Up to 4 executive contacts with emails or linkedin. Funds are the main channel of investment in ICO right now. This database will help you find large investors and quickly collect Hard cap. This is a legal base. It is intended for direct communication with a team of funds, and not for spam.

✅ Asian Venture Funds Database, 100+ funds, 40 angels = 290$

This Asia Venture Fund list is ideal for any Start-ups who want to enter one of the most promising markets in the world. The base includes not only funds, but also direct contacts of business angels.

Up to 5 executive contacts with emails & LinkedIn. Contact directly with investors and get more investment.

✅ Hedge Fund investments database, 5200 companies = 290$

This is not a base for spam, but for finding large investors and partners. That is, it is suitable for large projects, in which the team has the competence to establish contacts with large investors. It contains full information on investment transactions over the past 20 years, addresses and contacts, investment areas.

5200 investment companies.

✅ Venture Funds Database, 500+ funds = 190$

This is an auxiliary database with feedback on the work of the funds. We communicated with all these funds and ascertained the speed of their answers.

✅ Bounty Hunters EMAIL Database, 104 000 people = 290$

Email Database of active bounty campaign members. 104 000 people!

With so many bounty hunters, you can organize a terrific campaign. Hunters will help to promote your project to the whole world. And make it for tokens!

This Database is legally collected from more than 120 bounty campaigns, so you can safely send out letters on it. Hunters are interested to be hired.

If you need to manage this whole army of hunters, our team of bounty specialists will help for an extra fee.

✅ #1 ICO Investor EMAIL database, 650 000+ emails = 290$

650 000+ emails from several crypto forums and exchanges.

Tell about your project to the target audience! In this database there are no strangers – only crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors.

✅ #2 Crypto Investor EMAIL database (only US), 1 000 000+ emails = 290$

1 000 000+ emails from exchange.

Tell about your project to the target audience! In this database there are only US crypto traders and ICO investors.

✅ #3 Crypto Investor EMAIL database (only Brazil), 260 000+ emails = 290$

260 000+ emails from a huge exchange service.

Tell about your project to the target audience! In this database there are only BRAZIL crypto traders and ICO investors.

✅ Telegram ICO investor database, 1 285 000 accounts = 290$

1 285 000 telegram accounts from the most popular groups on subjects: ICO, investment, crypto currencies, blockchain projects. More than 980 Telegram groups. Languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Russian.

✅ Full ICOs list, 1800+ ICO projects = 290$

1800+ projects with links and team contacts (linkedin or email or telegram).

This is the ideal base for you if you provide services for ICO projects. For example: marketing services, advisor, consulting, development, design, search for investors.

✅ Crypto and ICO twitter followers Database, 1 200 000 people = 290$

1 200 000 people. The database contains the following information: Real Name, Twitter URL, Bio, Followers, Following, Tweets Url, Expanded Url, Created Date, Location, Language, Timezone, Protected, Verified, Latest Tweet, Date of latest Tweet, Day of latest Tweet, Time of latest Tweet, Platform, Member of how many lists?, Gender, Active or not.
It is an ideal database to attract attention to the project. It does not matter that it is an ICO, a startup or a large company.


10% – Any 2 databases
20% – Any 3 databases
30% – 4 or more databases
✅ ALL 11 DATABASES, 70% Discount = 2300$ instead of 8000$

Use the capabilities of all databases and make a Hard Cap.

You save $5700

This pack includes all 11 databases:
1. Crypto Fund Database
2. Asian Fund Database new
3. Bounty Hunters Database
4. Hedge Fund Database
5. Venture Fund Database
6. #1 Email Database
7. Telegram Database
8. Full ICOs Database new
9. #2 Email Database (only US) new
10. #3 Email Database (only Brazil) new
11. Crypto and ICO twitter followers Database new

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You get access to 15000+ funds base
Variety of countries
Europe, America, Asia, Arab world
You'll get the websites, fund description, headquaters, amount of Funding Rounds + Total Funding Amount, contacts: e-mail, social media
You get unique tips on how to write a proper letter and how to communicate with the funds successfully
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