Influencer marketing
Base of 1500+ Top Crypto YouTube bloggers will definitely help to find new investors and to attract new audience
Digital Influencer Marketing
Get a hold of your potential clients but also those that influence markets you aim to put your stamp on. Our sought-after network of influencers still hasn't failed us in obtaining a higher percentage of quality traffic with skyrocketing conversion rates. Our approach is aimed at turning the tables on your behalf. Once completed, influencers will reach out to you and not the other way around.
We can forecast CPA/CPI while working with particular topics and regions so even before the campaign is launched you will have a grounded idea for what results it will bring.
What do we provide?
Influencer selection & matching
We will provide you with suitable factors for your campaign. We will provide you with a list of influential people that we can analyze with our search engine and compare with your campaign and optimize in close consultation with you.
  • Identification of the buyer by persons
  • Data-based selection
  • Analysis of a Target Group
  • Relevance score
Influencer relations
Personal contact with opinion leaders in social networks is extremely important to us. That is why we also maintain long-term cooperation with influencers and build relationships between them and our customers. If something ever doesn't work as planned, we support all our clients in crisis management. Our live chat feature also provides the opportunity to communicate with opinion leaders throughout the campaign process.
  • Relationship building
  • Crisis management
  • Live chat
    Campaign management
    A team of dedicated project managers ensures that your campaign runs smoothly. We engage in the selection of influential people, invite the necessary influential people to the campaign, prepare a briefing with you and take care of the entire process. This includes communicating with influencers and quality control of news.
    • Influencer selection
    • Quality control
    • Campaign management
    • Live coverage
    Channel & community management
    We support you in creating and developing your social media accounts. High-quality image and video content from authorities can also be used for corporate channels. We respond to requests from influential individuals and take care of the buyout of the media, including contract negotiations.
    • Social account development
    • Media buyback
    • Concept
    • Qualitative content
      Market research
      By working with government agencies, you have direct access to opinion leaders to get product reviews prior to launch. These opinion leaders are factors that can ask their community for their thoughts on the product during the campaign. We guarantee that our customers receive unfiltered views from future consumers..
      • Product reviews
      • Access to the Community
      • Product development
      • Multiplicator
        Social ads
        We will help you develop the best strategy and reach your marketing campaign. This can be achieved by expanding the authentic and creative content of influencers through social advertising, either through a company account or through the most influential person.
        • Social advertisement
        • Targeting
        • Achieve expansion
        • Multichannel
        Legal & payment
        We will handle the entire payment process from the negotiation of payment fees to the campaign authorities. In the case of a long-term cooperation, we take care of the editing and processing of contracts with corporate ambassadors. Regardless of how many agencies are involved in the campaign, our customers will receive an invoice from us.
        • Payment process
        • Contracts
        • Price negotiations
        • Long-term cooperation
        Strategy consulting
        With our know-how in order to influence the marketing results, we create individual strategic approaches to Influencer marketing and give suggestions for the implementation of Influencer marketing in current marketing. We consider influencers as part of the brand and guarantee that you will make the right, effective and long-term decision for collaboration.
        • Strategic consulting
        • Influencers as stakeholders
        • Integration strategy
        • Social account development
        What you'll get
        High Quality
        We are industry pioneers. We've developed countless leading influencer marketing campaigns over the last several years, specialising in global campaigns, spanning countless industries.
        Variety of cultures
        We are working with more that 30 countries with 100+ total audience
        We track, measure, and optimise to deliver results with exceptional, tangible impact. Guaranteeing real influence.
        All formats of advertising integration (from pre-roll to full review)
        With good influencer effect you will be able to attract new investors
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