Inviting Service
Attract 100.000 potential investors and Crypto people to your Telegram group
Building a strong community
You can gain up to 100,000 targeted people who will follow your company and turn to its services. All of your audience will be collected from the most successful groups of ICO's such as NEO, Civic, Binance, EOS, OmiseGo, etc.

We invite people from across the globe, speaking nearly any language (Asian, USA, EU etc.), and cast our nets across people from nearly every major field (Crypto, Trading, Mining, Exchanges, Economy etc.).

For example, we can invite the audience from successful blockchain companies, or any other group you're targeting (ICO, trading, mining etc):
• Binance: (Exchange group)
• Binance Chinese: (Exchange group)
• Civic: (ICO group)
• EOS: (Currency group)
• Whalepool: (Discussion group for traders)
What you'll get
Narrowed audience
Our growth managers will narrow your target audience, and invite new members and targets from topic-related groups
Unique Experience
All our professionals have more than 2 years of experience
Diversified groups
Possibility of launching several groups at once
Your project will be followed by more than 10 countries
New members
Your group will greatly expand through our invitation service
Notifications Remover
We provide a customized Chatbot to keep your group free of unwanted notifications.
Our plans

- We also provide 12/7 or 24/7 community support to manage the Telegram group, which includes:
- 3-6 full-time Community Managers.
- Creation of active discussions of the most important, targeted, latest news with the audience.
- Your group remains very active and stays up at the top of your members' telegram group lists.
- Strict anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-fake admin policies.
- Publishing of all the latest news and updates about your project
- Specifically designed and created for you Info Bot that you'll be able to use for 1 year. ($400 additional)
- Detailed monthly analytics that include data on growth of the group and daily quantity of messages.
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