Media Relations & PR
PR/copywriting/video/email marketing
Make your PR work for You
Every blockchain startup requires proper PR and promotion. Your potential investors, partners, and clients may never know about your crypto project if you – or other people – don't inform them!

Our team of highly experienced marketers, software developers, analysts, and other skilled experts will work out a solid strategy of your project promotion on local markets, based on the individual requirements of your company. Besides, we offer the services of translation to other languages, promo video creation, and project development.
What you'll get
Promotion Plan
Our managers will create a promotion plan that will work on a daily basis
New investors
Thanks to our professionals you will gain hundreds of new investors
New announcements
Placing announcements on specialized ICO/STO/IEO trackers
Organized coordination
Automating media coordination
High competence
Writing and editing of your press release by our team of professional copywriters
Our plans
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