YouTube Influencers

Base of 1500+ Top Crypto YouTube bloggers will definitely help to find new investors and to attract new audience

Our base of 1500 crypto- and non-crypto influencers will allow you to use YouTube as a platform both for finding new investors and for attracting new audience.

We can forecast CPA/CPI whileworking with particular topics and regions so even before the campaign is launched you will have a grounded idea for what results it will bring.
Our advantages are:
1. Work in 30+ countries
2. 100+ mln total audience
3. Option to work on a determined budget.
4. Forecasting and post-analysis of the results.
5. All formats of ad integration (from pre-roll to full review).

Packages for Crypto Influencers:
Starter (20 channels, 500k+ subscribers, 5 regions) - $7500
Advanced (40 channel, 1.2mn subscribers, 5 regions) - $19000
Premium (55 channels, 3.2mn+ subscribers, 8 regions) - $65000

*Contact us for custom packages based on your budget
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